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Join our workshop for predictive log analysis with AI!

This is a declaration of interest for a planned workshop in early 2020 and based on below agenda. At interest, please reply to the registration and you will receive an exact invitation when the date is set.

We are at the entry point of AI and cognitive systems. Today, the AI can see, speak, write, listen and understand human language. With the recent advances in machine learning techniques, an interesting new field to explore is system anomaly detection, where the input data can be from your datacenter or an IoT device. With neural networks you can extract relevant features and make machines understand log content. The information is used in automated processes and predictive maintenance applications.

During the meetup, you will get an introduction to how deep learning can be an efficient technique to solve complex problems. The science part of data science is all about experimenting with different settings and comparing results. Using Watson Studio, you can easily work with data refinement and architect a neural network using Jupyter notebooks.

Completing the workshop you will learn:

- Introduction to deep learning and log analysis

- Some of the tools and techniques available in IBM Cloud

- Quick prototyping and Jupyter notebooks and creation of a model

- How to deploy your model

- How to expose the model via an API to score new input data


08.30-09.00 Coffee and tea, sandwiches & registration

9.00- 15.30 Workshop: The future of log analysis 1. Introduction to IBM Data and AI 2. Demonstration of Watson Studio and Machine Learning with Auto AI 3. Break 4. Predictive Maintenance Insights 5. Lunch 6. Jupyter notebooks with neural networks and the Case study 7. Exercise what you learned and help at hand

15.30-16.00 Wrap up and summary


Data science experience and basic knowledge of neural networks.

The workshop is run by:

  • Johan Rodin - Technical Sales, IBM Data and AI

  • Roland Revsäter - Technical Sales, IBM Watson IoT

  • Christian Petersson - Pre-Sales and Business Development Manager, Cristie Nordic

We will offer a limited number of seats for this workshop. Please manage your RSVP if you need cancel to give others the opportunity to join!

Are you interested?

Please let us know and email your declaration of interest:

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