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GSE ISP Symposium Day 1

Today is the grand opening of GSE ISP Symposium in Dresde, Germany, nice! :) We are looking forward to the event announced as “Backup and Beyond“.

The event is a crowded conference with a lot of data protection experts as sponsors and attendees! This event is for the PROs provided by the PROs as a large “family“. This kind of conference is possible thanks to sponsor.

Day 1 - the sponsors day


The first day is dedicated for the sponsors of the event and we are happy from Cristie side to be invited by Auwau as a reference during their presentation.

Some highlights ..


..on stage, Thomas Bak (CEO), really made an “auwau” experience, by a live backflip on stage and providing a true multi-tenant solution for backup service providers (both ISP/CSP/MSP or Enterprise).

#GSEISP16 - Thomas Bak, CEO, Auwau

With the solution, Cloutility, you are able to manage, get visibility and control of unlimited number of clients with your backup solution.

This is of course one of the existing modules and fastest growing module in Cristie Backup Solutions.

Another Wow factor was performed by:

Cristie Germany

On stage Petra Kuhnert ( senior Storage Engineer), presenting how to protect your backup environment from Ransomware.

The targets of ransomware is changing, we see less amount of attacks.. But the attacks seem to be more pointed into targets that provide the best revenue for the attacker! One great target is getting to the backup systems and lock the last defence at the company.

Some presented facts:

- average cost of an attack is 46000 USD for the company.

- a capture will last for average 9,6 day’s

- target is growing on professional care and healthcare organizations

- another new target is backup system installed on Windows servers

A scary story was told from media with a Nordic organisation infected in all offices in 40 countries. They needed go from digital to pen and paper during the attack and measured a cost of 45 Million Pounds.

Should I pay or should I not?

It seams the data lock will be released within 2-3 days after payments are received, still data can be “broken” so many of all infected organizations have not everything recovered.


Cristie solution with Blocky4Backup is a solution to prevent the ransomware attack on your backup system. It´s compatible with several backup vendors and addresses installations made on Windows Server OS, quite common in Veeam environments but also in some cases on Spectrum Protect and others.


On stage, Pawel Mączka (VP) on Storware and founder of the #backupmonster

A guy asked me, what is exactlu the backupmonster?

explains: #Backupmonster is a Community for people who loves their work to protect and restore data. Cristie and several partners are part of the #backupmonster, Storware explains it like this:

Protecting opensource VMs (Nutanix, Redhat, Citrix, KVM, oVirt, Proxmox, Openstack and many more) this is the code provided by Storware, and available in Cristie Backup Solution. We save the data in Spectrum Protect but others are possible.

GSEISP16 Pawel, Storware

Storware also provide a solution to protect Office 365 incl sharepoint on line that can save your data in your existing Spectrum Protect solution.


The day has been great, with several great presentations, talks with colleagues in the backup-filed and soon it´s time for the sponsor dinner!

See you in Cristie Data or Auwau both and we are happy to have a talk with you!

Then.. the Thomas Bak flip on video >>

Thank you!

Hope that all wording was made correct, mostly written om my mobile.