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Cristie Nordic AB är den del av PEDAB Group sedan 2019 och är etablerade i alla nordiska länderna, Baltikum, DACH, Frankrike och Polen med en omsättning på c:a 2 miljarder kronor.

Cristie Studio är kontor dit vi bjuder in våra kunder för att tillsammans skapa lösningar anpassade efter behovet.

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Cyber-attacks and Recovery Assurance

The last year, news have been filled with cyber-attacks at large Enterprises, reporting part of the total hit. The growing threat to companies needs great security solutions, still “they” find their ways in! When hit, data protection solutions can restore.. or can they? We at Cristie provides you Recovery Assurance that will give you the best available security cooperating with your existing data protections solution.

“Cyber attack sweeps globe, researchers see 'WannaCry' link” reported by Reuters today (28/6 2017). It´s reality and part of company risk, only in the Nordics, Cristie have been solving several attacks this year.

Since the 90´s Cristie have been working with restores, started because of malfunction of machines, followed by human factors and accidents (fire, water etc), companies needed fast and secure restores to avoid business loss.

Today, above factors are still valid, but the cyber-attacks are a real threat to companies, especially today when company data is their most valuable resource. Because of this, companies are investing in security, with great protection, still the attacks have major effects!

When hit!

When hit, the business loss is high and you need to rely on your data protection solution. There you will be able to remove infected data and restore to the last working point. It might take some time, but with a proper data protection system, you will be fine!


When contracted to new customers, we notice during restores, companies found unrecoverable machines, long restore times and/or incompatible or malfunctional hardware making restore process more complicated. These issues are what Cristie Recovery Assurance is all about, to be able to restore!

Recovery Assurance

Recovery Assurance replies to mentioned issues providing easier and faster restores, integrating in your existing backup application.

Avoid unrecoverable machines

With Cristie Recovery Assurance you will now your recovery situation in advance. By proactively schedule automated and complete recovery tests you will always be aware of issues to handle before the attack appears.

Long restore times

With Cristie Recovery Assurance you will be able to do restores of complete machines easier and faster, starting multiple restores simultaneous, including OS, applications, data, setting etc, much easier and faster. Restore of a physical or virtual server with OS, settings will be done in minutes instead of hours.

Incompatible or malfunctional hardware

With Cristie Recovery Assurance you will be able to restore anything to anything meaning that your physical server can be restored into a virtual machine or your complete DC can be restored into another DC or cloud. We support restores from virtual, physical and cloud based servers in any direction.

Mentioned are part of Recovery Assurance features, but we are happy to provide you more information, please feel free to contact.