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Release notes of IBM® Spectrum™ Protect 8.1.6 and IBM® Spectrum™ Protect Plus 10.1.2

IBM® have just released new versions of Spectrum™ Protect and Spectrum™ Protect Plus including updated or new features for Virtual Environments, Snapshots, protection of SAP HANA, storage cost reduction, ransomware detection, expanded platform support, enhanced security, enhanced dashboard and extended application support.

Presenter: Tricia Jiang, IBM®

IBM® Spectrum™ Protect Plus new features

IBM® Spectrum™ Protect Plus 10.1.2 have several new updates in the latest release including an updated GUI with much better drill down to data elements. Please check some examples of updates in below, including a link to IBM® update page with more information (including information on previous versions):

  • Backup and restore Db2 databases

  • Enable vSnap encryption

  • Update your VADP proxy servers automatically

  • Reduce system load and optimize throughput

  • Save space in Oracle environments by truncating logs

  • And much more..

Link IBM Spectrum Protect Plus updates >>

IBM® Spectrum™ Protect - Tier to Cloud

Tier to Cloud by state allows you to configure Spectrum Protect 8.1.6 to automatically move data from a directory-container storage pool to potentially lower cost cloud-container storage pool for long term retention. To optimize cloud tiering for different client types, you can create a parent tiering rule and subrules. These can be based on the age of the backups or the state of the backup (active or inactive).

Presenter: Tricia Jiang, IBM®

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