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Make your IBM Spectrum Protect environment a Cloud Service!

Watch the recorded webinar:

Several organisations are asking us how to provide a backup service for their clients. The interest comes from both Enterprises and Service Providers. We have the tool to make it possible.

Welcome to our webinar and we will show you how!

We provide you Cloutility which is a plug-and-play cloud business extension to IBM Spectrum Protect, which automates the processes of running and managing private, public and hybrid cloud data protection services. It will give you the possibility provide your clients (customers or applications owners) with self-service functionality and ease your daily management as well as easily provide you chargeback features.

Your organisation:


As an Enterprise you have several application owners locally or globaly. Adding Cloutility on your IBM Spectrum Protect environment you will make it multi-tenant and you will easily group and manage several entities with different policy’s and SLA levels. You can in seconds inform your clients, get a full view of successful and unsuccessful backups, data and server volumes and charge the client for exact amount.

Your client will have a 24/7 connection to view their personal report and add or order a deletion of machines.

With Cloutitlity you will be able to make your backup environment a Private Cloud solution, managed by you, owned by you and provide a Cloud-service to your organisation.

Service Provider

As a service provider you need to get profitable, then it´s important to have great control and provide your customers with great service. This is what Cloutility helps you with! You will be able to provide your customers with a nice, easy to understand service with automated reporting, 24/7 self-service and billing. You will take your solution to the next level compared to competition and make sales easier. You will also help your internal backup team to manage a multi-tenant environment with less working hours and billing will be done in second to a few or thousands of customers.

I think it´s worth the time to have this great possibility to get a first view how to make your environment a Cloud Service. Welcome to our webinar!

When: June 13:th at 10.00

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Cloutility is part of Cristie Easy management and is provided to you as a service.

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