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Reduce Infrastructure cost while improving Service Levels and Control!

Cristie Easy Management, blog post #1 in a series of 4.

At Storage User Groups in Denmark and Sweden this May, we will have a focus on Easy Management, how to improve control, SLAs, reduce TCO and make your daily work easier. We welcome you to have a talk with us, we will be there :)

This is a short case study in the education industry.


The “education organisation” supported a traditional enterprise IT setup as well as a large, distributed infrastructure dedicated solely to research. The environment included approximately 1000 servers, 2,000 virtual machines, and a petabyte of SANs for the enterprise IT systems etc.

To simplify operations, they wanted to integrate its enterprise and research IT infrastructures to streamline backup and recovery solution. In addition, they wanted to automate an end-to-end view of the health of the backup systems including historical trending information for capacity planning. The need of automation was necessary to save time, cost and to help the administrator to avoid heavy work digging through mountains of data. Research teams were forced to dedicate half a full-time employee to collecting and manually plotting information to gain some sense of what was happening in the backup environment.


By adding one of our modules covered in Easy Management, the organisation could from one tool get automated reporting and trending, prioritised real-time alerts, and ability to manage their backup application. The tool will collect all necessary information to have a full control of the entire backup environment including applications and hardware. They will automate customized reports to the right person at the right time, and proactively identify and resolve backup problems.


In the past, it was virtually impossible for the admins to get quick answers on questions like:

  • What is the status of all different backup drives?

  • Is there any risk of a backup instance to crash?

  • How many backups have we missed in the last 6 months?

  • Have we ever missed three consecutive backups?

  • Did all the Oracle system online backups complete overnight?

  • When in time do we need to purchase more storage?

Today, we can answer these questions directly, we know! And we can also deliver the intricate reporting the downstream owners of the research systems need without anyone manual work. Our staff resources can now be better utilised to advance the mission of the research departments.

Overall the solutions simplified operations and maximised resources through real-time, automated reporting on the backup application and other storage, saving us a lot of time and expenses.

The tools for our Easy Management tool box supports all major backup applications and probably all the most popular storage devices used out there. It will provide you a single pane of glass making your daily work much easier.

Take the chance to meet us and talk at Storage User Group in Denmark and Sweden, we have also possibilities for 1 to 1 demonstrations Monday 21:st in Denmark and Friday 25:th I Sweden. Please register on our Event page.

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