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Cristie Nordic AB är den del av PEDAB Group sedan 2019 och är etablerade i alla nordiska länderna, Baltikum, DACH, Frankrike och Polen med en omsättning på c:a 2 miljarder kronor.

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You have migration issues, who you gonna call?

Two organistations with extreme environments, one with a huge amount of data but few objects and the other organisation a huge number of objects. Both wanted to migrate their data for cost efficiency.

With Cristie's expertise combined with IBM Spectrum Protect’s strength, a reliable migration is possible. For this case study two very different problems could be solved by using the same solution.

Stop slow moves of data!

Client A – Small database, huge amount of objects

This client needed to transfer a big number of objects, almost 1 000 000 000 at 10TB.

“The client had tried to move the data for six months, but had only finished about ten percent of it,” says Daniel Larsson, senior Engineer, at Cristie.

The objects needed to be moved, the storage up till know was rented space that cost the client a lot for every delay.

With Cristies solution the whole migration took three days.

Client B – Huge database, few objects

Client B was struggling with moving 20 000TB with only a around 5 000 objects.

The size of the database was so large that there wasn’t enough space in the datacenter. Making it hard to migrate the data. The solution was to only copy the metadata instead of the data.

“When we had figured out how to solve it, the very migration only took us 15 minutes,” says Daniel Larsson, Senior engineer, at Cristie.

The Solution

After having had a dialogue with both organistations we came up with a solution that in the end worke d for both.

By copying the metadata instead of the data, we made the migration possible without making it time consuming or putting them in need of a huge amount of additional storage.

For client A all data was available either at the new storage or at the old if it was yet to be moved. The metadata allowed the client to access the necessary data while not losing speed, which had been their main problem.

For Client B the only thing that needed to work with the metadata was the new system. The data on itself didn’t need a new storage and would have required a lot of extra work.

In Conclusion

Besides a safe and efficient migration, the customers can now enjoy speedier response times and saved approximately two million SEK per year, since they don’t have the old solution any longer.

“We found a smart way to sidestep the migration issue,” says Magnus Thunberg, Sales and marketing, at Cristie. “The migration service can be used in several ways for clients that want to migrate data based on IBM platform.”

The migration service is built around IBM Spectrum Protect, a solution that simplifies data protection, whether your data is hosted in physical, virtual, software-defined or cloud environments.

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