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Cristie Nordic AB är den del av PEDAB Group sedan 2019 och är etablerade i alla nordiska länderna, Baltikum, DACH, Frankrike och Polen med en omsättning på c:a 2 miljarder kronor.

Cristie Studio är kontor dit vi bjuder in våra kunder för att tillsammans skapa lösningar anpassade efter behovet.

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Cristie Backup Solution Update

Dear all Cristie Backup Solution subscribers, we are proud to tell that in 2017 our solution made a new revenue record, with a 7% growth compared to last record, we for sure have the strength and size to provide any size customer a great solution. The growing marketing demand for customized pay-as-you-go data protection solutions fits us perfectly .

Our solution is now covering several segments and sizes of companies searching for a dynamic application powered by IBM Spectrum Protect. We have Cristie Backup Solution customers in the banking-, retail-, public-, industry- and service sector to mention some and we are covering the Nordics and DACH regions.

We want to thank all of our partners, the service providers, who makes it possible to provide domestic cloud solutions for data protection, Great year!

New in Cristie Backup Solution

We are happy to announce some news available in our solution, please contact your sales-rep how to include in your solution (depending on your contract some can be included directly, some needs an update).

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus We are happy to add the easy to use new tool for data protection from IBM, protecting VMware and Hyper-V. We recommend this module because of it´s the really easy to use functionality, fast deployments, easy to find and restore features and cost effectiveness. Read more about IBM Spectrum Protect Plus >

Opensource VM Protection Providing similar features like IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, we are happy to promote Opensource VM Protection. With this module we support data protection for Oracle VM, RHEV/RHV, Citrix XEN, KVM, oVirt, KVMz and XEN.

Opensource DB Protection Optimize your database protection with opensource DB protection providing snapshots, incremental backups and restores. This module supports Oracle, MS-SQL, DB2®, Informix, FirebirdSQL, Ingres, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Progress Open Edge, Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ, MariaDB and MongoDB.

Easy Management – CloudPortal

Do you want to provide a self-service portal for your customers or application owners? With the CloudPortal you will be able to provide a tools to activate new machines (VMs, servers, computers, smartphones, tablets) for backup, automated status reporting and billing. The CloudPortal makes your IBM Spectrum Protect multi-tenant to your clients.

We have scheduled special demonstration slots in Stockholm between 30/1 – 1/2, presented by Thomas Back, CEO of the portal. Book your 1,5h slot >

We are happy to make you presentations and demonstrations of the modules, just let us know!

Contact for more information >

Thank you!

Cristie Nordic CBS team

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