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Finally, I can be a backup admin (working as a sales guy)!

Last year we wrote about IBM Spectrum Protect Plus and now tests has been run in our lab and customers have started their trials. Everyone seems to love it, with the new data protection application, IBM made backup and recovery really easy!

Easy to manage:

Backup - Choose your VMs to protect, decide your SLA level, done!

Restore – Search in the “Google-like” search engine, find what you want to restore and click, done!

For me, working with sales in this area, it looks easy, I can do this! Yeah! ..in reality, I guess this means a lot of benefits for real backup admins:

  • Saving valuable time, cutting cost and provide more time for optimisation and strategic development.

  • Share the workload between backup-, VM and application admins protecting against data loss and external threats.

  • Facilitate for 24/7 data protection support and admin of backup and restore, including cover-ups at sickness and vacation.

  • Plus also integrates with organisations DevOps plans in a great way.

Cost efficient

We have done some comparison at customers and found that we are able to provide real value for them. We think that a data protection TCO is based on license cost, hardware cost, and man-hours. All mentioned seems to be of benefit. For an example, we compared against another VM optimized data protection solution. The result showed our solution to be competitive, both on license cost and man-hours, the greatest one though was on hardware cost, we could easily cut hardware cost by half.

The total TCO with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus seems really promising. If you want to do a calculation for your environment, let us know and we are happy to assist.

IBM calls it a gamechanger, please take a few minutes and read Mr. Douglas O'Flaherty great blog regarding IBM Spectrum Protect:

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Blog >

If you want a demo or trial, give us a call or just send an email and we are happy to help you!

Contact Cristie >

To all our Cristie Backup Solution customers, it´s available in your solution now. Contact us to activate including terms and conditions. Read more at Cristie Backup Solution update post:

Cristie Backup Solution Update >

Thanks for reading!

Magnus Thunberg

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