Välkommen till Cristie Nordic Sverige, genom lång erfarenhet och specialisering gör vi ditt data tillgängligt.


Cristie Nordic AB är den del av PEDAB Group sedan 2019 och är etablerade i alla nordiska länderna, Baltikum, DACH, Frankrike och Polen med en omsättning på c:a 2 miljarder kronor.

Cristie Studio är kontor dit vi bjuder in våra kunder för att tillsammans skapa lösningar anpassade efter behovet.

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  • Magnus Thunberg

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We want to thank all our customers for a great year! We are happy to be part of your projects including environment development, everyday management and challenges, together we faced happy moments and puzzles...

Because of you, we earned new skills this year on various projects:

  • We learned a lot regarding GDPR and feel secure how to handle the regulations when started in May 2018. We are happy to talk to you, just let us know.

  • We are sorry to tell that cyber-attacks have been a big issue during 2017, still we are happy that we have been able solve the issues with Cristie Recovery Assurance at several large sites in industrial-, media- and distribution sector. I guess we all learned something for 2018.

  • We have finalized two major IBM Spectrum Protect migrations from AIX to Linux, at one customer we face a huge number of objects in the database; 800,000,000 objects and at the other customer we face a 20PB data volume. Both migrations ended up successful and because of you two, it´s now a supported feature from IBM.

  • We have finalized the first Enterprise IBM Spectrum Protect project in Amazon enabling PB level of protected storage. We can tell that we have had many interested eyes watching this project.

  • We are happy to see so many long-term assignments and continuation of implementation projects, thank you all!

  • We have opened up Cristie Nordic in Denmark and Germany, including a great cooperation with IBM in Germany for continues development of the DACH market with service based solutions.

  • Our data protection concept CBS has expanded a great deal with several new customers in the Nordics and DACH region combined with organic growth at existing contracts.

Mentioned are examples from 2017 and our feeling for 2018 is strong. We made new partnerships providing you new features, more competences and smarter solution, we will tell you about this next year.

We are pleased to welcome our new employees Marianne as country manager in Denmark and Josefine on communication/marketing.

Cristie Nordic wishes all customers, partners and suppliers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Instead of giving Christmas presents to our customers and employees we have donated a gift to Save the Children´s campaign #nothing

Karin Österman


Cristie Nordic AB