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Endpoint Data Protection - Why You Need it

We are happy to invite our guest-blogger Jan Sobieszczanski, CEO at Storware.

“We don’t need no data protection, we don’t need to backup our endpoints” –I have heard quite the same quote all my professional, lifelong, career. Let's answer the question we all ask ourselves, even in secret- do we really need to protect our data on mobile devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet)?

The answer seems random, but should be clear – YES.

Why don't we do that? Are the data on mobiles unimportant? Does the central backup work for all desktop data? What about ransomware? Can we restore everything when it's needed?

Please believe me when I say that a huge number of critical, often confidential, data is still resting on a knife-edge. It's our responsibility as business "guys", engineers and business owners to remember that loss of data is a loss of money, time and then more money.

Next year, GDPR and ePrivacy regulations will be at our door, requireing actions from each company. The need of mobile devices is undoubtable at organizations, and the number of them is big, really big. Several of them ae critical to do be “at work”, so admit: protecting them, keeping them running is saving money to your company.

The second step is to check what we have, the number of devices, the variety of systems and platforms.

The third step is to build the policy – one or several…it clearly depends on company complexity. Policy means the decision making of:

  • what is the backup retention?

  • shall we backup all or select data and devices

  • shall we give some permissions to end users

  • shall we empower people to share those data

  • and more

When decided, lets choose the system who will empower us to secure data, restore at anytime, use data – share, link big files and build proper policies and organization roles. Maybe IT department will ask to have the AD/LDAP integration, data encryption, different administration roles etc.

Finally, you checked many different systems and you can take the decision, if budget is accepted. Or you can find professional assistance who will help you to do all that.

At the very end some of you will ask- if I have files in Dropbox or iCloud or any other cloud, are they not safe? Data are probably safe but only in the latest version since you put them there. It is not automatic and it doesn’t track every second change in your file. Backup, real backup system does this. It is also about document versioning, secure access to devices, global management and data deduplication. These features are about cost saving which is also a factor.

Last, but not least we need auditability of data flow. So, who did what and when? What about GDPR- do we need something special? Yes of course, different retention for personal data, document tagging or indexing the content. We can do that, but this is the topic of the next course.

Safe Data, to you all!

Thank you for reading,