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IBM Spectrum Protect Plus with Mr Puckett.

We are happy to be here at ISP Symposium in Cologne. After a too short visit at the great dome we had the pleasure to meet Mr Harley Puckett, Program Director IBM Spectrum Protect Development, for a talk regarding the new IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. The launch of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus have made a lot of attention in the market.

We see several of our customers working in mixed environment today, using IBM Spectrum Protect and some other solution for the virtual environment.

Mr Puckett, can you please give us your thought how to simplify these company’s data protection environment?

- It's great to be here at the Spectrum Protect Symposium in Cologne with you and so many other great Spectrum Protect clients and partners. I am very excited about Plus its the next generation data protection and data reuse platform from us. It is simple to deploy and use, delivered as an OVA so it deploys in ~15 mins, agentless, single pane of glass using RBAC, SLA policies out of the box, Google like file search and restore, support for VMware and Hyper-v in release 1. It also has Devops built in.

Can you tell us about the license model?

- Initially it will be "very" competitively priced per VM and we have other licensing and delivery models in the works. How is the integration between IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus?

- Our vision in Plus will be our operational recovery tier with a software defined disk pool called vSnap that will be both deduplicated and compressed for very fast backup and recovery of data in its native format. We have policy to automatically off load data to a Spectrum Protect server for such use cases as air gap, long term retention, compliance, tape and storing in various clouds and object stores. This will take advantage of SP's industry leading storage management and device support. When can our customers test Spectrum Protect Plus?

- We will be delivering Plus very shortly in 4Q and we will have a full function free trial download available to anyone with a 90 day license. We believe many folks will decide to purchase after trying so you just click to purchase and we send the license key. As you know we use Design Thinking, Agile and Continuous Delivery so we will have frequent deliveries of SP Plus similar to what we do today and we have a very exciting roadmap teed up. We will have beta programs for these releases as well and we welcome folks to join. Thank you very much for your time Harley, wish you a great time at ISP Symposium!