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Simplify data recovery and data access solutions in your virtual environment!

IBM are now launching IBM Spectrum Protect Plus.

Our reflection from customers is a need to manage data protection easier and cutting cost. We see several solutions made, some uses IBM Spectrum Protect for VE, others mixing the environment with other applications. All solutions have it's benefits and disadvantages of course. We feel that depending on chosen solution people are struggling with high expenses on either managing, application or and hardware.

Launch of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus.. 

is this the solution to help you?

IBM says:

We will provide you easy management.

We will provide you a modern application.

We will provide you rapid data Protection and restore.

We will provide a low-cost solution.

Joining the first presentation and watching a live demonstration today, it looks promising.

First, easy management. It really looks easy, helping with all daily work in a simple, and still professional way. Can it save hours for the backup administrators? Will it make the daily work easier. I think so, check!

A modern application, it's pick, click and done solution. Just decide your frequency, retention and location and your are there, easy. I say check!

Rapid data protection, using the technology    in virtual environments and IBM Spectrum Protect gives you rapid data protection, easy to localize data, VMs in a Google-like search, providing rapid restores. Check! Please note that in the first release it's necessary that you are using vCloud.

Low cost solution, I think that IBM is thinking about the license cost, They will charge per VM able to save data on any block storage. I think that it's better then this, having cost effective license, easy to use and IBMs great data reduction features.. this is great economics when thinking of my customers challenges, dubble or triple check on this one.

Overal, IBM is launching something new and attractive and I think it's worth for all of you take a closer look. 

I think our blog will see several more posts regarding IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, keep in touch.

We at the Cristie team is ready to share our thoughts with you.

Wish you a great day!

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