Welcome to Cristie Nordic, we make your data available anytime, anywhere. 

We have been working in the storage area for 20 years, adjusting to our customers` challenges and adding values. We are specialized in storing data, covering data storage, data protection and data archiving.

Welcome to Cristie Nordic, we make your data available anytime, anywhere. 

We have been working in the storage area for 20 years, adjusting to our customers` challenges and adding values. We are specialized in storing data, covering data storage, data protection and data archiving.


Cristie Nordic is a member of the BLUE Alliance, a network of specialists helping organisations with IT solutions. Click the logo for more information.

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Cristie Backup Solution

Powered by IBM® Spectrum™ Protect


The solution can be implemented at any location you choose, on-premises, in-cloud, hybrid or at a local Service Provider. If you need to get in contact with a local Service Provider, we are happy to help you, we have great partners to suggest.

Welcome to Cristie Backup Solution!

Cristie Backup Solution is a Data Protection solution provided for organizations managing their own data. We build our solution on Gartner magic quadrant leader IBM® Spectrum Protect added with value-added features provided to you as a service.

Data Protection Customize for you!

What SLA levels do you have? What do you need to protect? Is your infrastructure using open source? Are you happy with your daily management? How to restore after a cyberattack? How to handle backup in GDPR?

With Cristie Backup Solution, we will help you customize your data protection solution to fit your requirements. With a broad solution covering Protect Everything, Recovery Assurance, Easy Management and Supporting Services, tailored to match your organisation. 

Cristie Backup Solution is sold with a Pay-as-you-go solution.


"Protect Everything"

Cristie Backup Solution provides you great possibilities to protect almost everything in your environment. With our customized solution, you choose your modules and pay only for the ones you need. If you need to add more features later, just add them!


Server Protection

Supports: Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX

SharePoint Protection

Supports: On-premises and Online

DB Protection

Supports: Oracle, MS-SQL, DB2®, Informix

VM Protection

Supports: VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle VM, RHEV/RHV, Citrix XEN, KVM, oVirt, KVMz and XEN

EndPoint Protection

Supports: Computers and devices: Tablet, Smartphone

Cloud Protection

Supports: O365, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Dropbox and Box

eMail Protection

Supports: MS Exchange, IBM Domino

ERP Protection

Supports: SAP, SAP HANA

Recovery Assurance

With Recovery Assurance you will be able to automate restore tests of single to thousands of machines including reporting.


When you need to restore, we provide you the possibility to restore anything to anything, meaning that you can restore a physical server to virtual server, or from Hyper-V to VMware.


Recovery Assurance supports P2P, P2V, P2C, V2V, V2P, V2C, C2C, C2V, C2P and DC2DC.


#Restore anything2anything


Easy Management

We want to make your daily work easier, providing you the right tools to succeed!

Always included is the easy to use managing tool IBM Operations Center, helping you in your daily work.

Optional modules

Multi-vendor reporting

Self-service Portal  

If you are in a mixed environment with two or several backup applications, we provide an optional reporting system. The you will be able to report from your entire backup environment including backup applications and hardware.

For Enterprises and Service Providers we recommend a self-service portal making your solution multitenant to your clients (customers, applications owners, branch offices etc). The solution gives features like user administration, reporting, billing, centralized administration and much more.  

Supporting Services

We are ready to assist you, the way you need.

With experienced engineers, working since decades with Enterprise Data Protection solutions, we are happy to provide top-class Supporting Services, customized the way that suits you. Mix and match with our services to match your needs.


Cristie´s engineers are rewarded with IBM Competence Partner of the Year, IBM AAA-Level Accredited Partner, IBM GOLD Partner and more. 


Cristie Supporting Services includes support to Managed Service tailored to your needs. We also offer Advisory-, Education- and Implementation Services.





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We customize our services to you.



Traditional licensing demands cover of your existing numbers of servers, front-end or back-end data volume. You probably also need to cover your short time growth. This is directly targeting your cashflow and provides extra cost because of the demand for more licenses purchased to be compliant.

Cristie Backup Solution is supplied as a service. This makes it more convenient for most organisations because it faces your actual operating cost for data protection. We provide you a true pay-as-you-go model and not pay as you grow!

We are happy to help you, get in contact!