EndPoint Protection

Protect your endpoint data

With Kodo you will get a value added software to be able to backup and restore computers, smartphones and tablets to your existing IBM Spectrum Protect backup environment!

Today, more and more data is being created on endpoint devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) phenomenon lead organizations to nomad lands and bring challenges from the data protection point of view. Endpoints contains huge number of corporate data, such as contacts, confidential documents, analysis, e-mail and so on. Smartphones and tablets can easily use microSD cards, which provides even 64 GB store or even more. Mobile users needs extremely attention in data security area.


It seems to be that today’s organizations struggling with huge problem – leakage of business data into endpoints world, lack of their protection mechanism and integration with centralized backup system.

Lack of proper endpoint data protection, and prevention of mission-critical data loss can cause companies a significant problems such as costs and data violation.


The latest trends, global research and reports shows that more and more companies think and see majority of endpoint protection.

Acknowledge of data loss risk and lack of efficient backup endpoint protection pursue organizations to for seeking a new approach of product, that will respond the challenges.


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